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Constance Dwyer

IAABC Certified Animal Behavior Consultant

IAABC Shelter Division Affiliate


Connie is an IAABC internationally certified animal behavior consultant, Canine Good Citizen evaluator, Animal Behavior College mentor and published author. "As professionals, IAABC members work to minimize the use of aversive stimuli and maximize the effective use of reinforcers to modify animal behavior. The LIMA (least intrusive and minimally aversive) principle is useful as a general rule." As a professional behavior consultant, Connie will work together with your veterinarian and other animal professionals as needed to assist in solving your pet's behavior challenge.

Our goal is to solve the behavior problem and to strengthen and enhance the relationship. Connie is the owner of Training4k9s offering private sessions and group classes, public seminars in animal behavior and is the Certified Behavior Consultant for Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield Pennsylvania.

Connie also has expanded her Behavior Modification and Training Academy course to individuals with a desire to learn more about canine behavior and training. This program will help shelter staff and volunteers as well as those who wish to get a good start working with dogs and their people.


Kathryn Boccia

ABCDT - Certified Dog Trainer


Many dogs are returned to shelters because new owners don't know how to deal with "kennel crazies" while the dog is trying to adjust to its new home. Consequently, as an Honor Graduate with Animal Behavior College, Kathryn spent her first year working only as a volunteer with shelter dogs. 

Kathryn now offers her services to the general public on a limited, part time basis. Her philosophy on dog training is that most owners don't want to be professional dog trainers, they want a well trained dog. Kathryn will work work with your dog to accomplish the goals you set, and then teach you how to maintain the behaviors you want. 


Sara Hamburger


Director of Enrichment and Behavior - Animal Care Sanctuary

Sara has 6+ years in shelter behavior modification training and is a 2012 Graduate from Mansfield University with a Master’s degree in Art Education. She started working at Animal Care Sanctuary in 2011. Sara successfully organized and developed Animal Care's very first behavior seminar(s) including Making Shelter Life Positive. She continues to focus on developing the enrichment and behavior department in East Smithfield, PA.

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Sweet Dog
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Dog Dressed as Butterfly
Smart Dog
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