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Puppartners™ shelter package breakdown

Imported forms - intake sheets, surrender sheets, etc.

Behavior questionnaire for dogs

Information questionnaire for potential adopters

ACCESS database template for data tracking

Objective color matching system

Behavior modification protocols

Behavior Modification and Training Academy Program

Okay, so what's the big deal?
Here's an example of how puppartnersworks:
Still with us? Great!
Let's explain further.
  1. This program has been proven effective in reducing return rates and minimizing hurdles post-adoption in regard to food-guarding behaviors, fearfulness, etc.

  2. By utilizing the color coding system (for example) provided by PupPartners™, shelters are better able to prepare for shelter dog placement into a new environment according to their known behaviors and tendencies. This allows the shelter to anticipate behaviors that could arise and place a dog in a home accordingly, minimizing return rates.

A safe pup is a happy pup!

Say a family sees a dog in a shelter and they fall in love. They're willing to jump through hoops to adopt that special pup that caught their eye, but it's imperative to remember that not every dog is a perfect match for any family. 

We want to predict how a behavior will play out before a shelter dog goes home, so we anticipate behaviors based on what we already know, i.e. shelter dog is a food guarder and there are toddlers in the home - probably a big no-no, right? 


The PupPartners™ program helps to predict these circumstances and choose homes that fit accordingly. If you don't have the luxury of being a no-kill shelter, then you know how important these decisions are.

This is an opportunity to work toward lowering return rates and saving lives and PupPartners™ provides shelters with the right tools to make responsible decisions.

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